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English version of Marsam hotel note book.

Thursday 11 January 2007

We roved calmly in our oases when we learn with joy that Jean, Sandrine, and their small Julie envisage to come to pass Christmas to Egypt. Then neither nor two Marc makes hum the engine and we take the road of Luxor for finding there. Luxor... its temples, its tombs, its souk, and its fair with the tourists. We feared the local business and the attacks of its brokers, only the friendship and the desire to spend New Year’s day meadows of our Parisiens emissary could push us to leave our No man’s land to venture our tires in this fair of temples.

But arrived on the spot for a small handle of days we finally posed our bags on Western bank.... and had the greatest difficulties to take again the road ten days later. It is that we also succumbed to the charm of the west Bank and Marsam Hôtel.

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A little Baghdad Coffee planted in the medium the valley of Deaths. Imagine film; The principal action is at Gourna a small village led to the medium of the Pharaonics tombs and which shelters the first workmen to have worked with the archaeologists to the exploration of the sites. A den of plunderers and grave-diggers according to the government, an alive and picturesque memory for the visitors who we are. The HQ of the heroes? The Marsam, Sheik ali of course Hotel, this old building of cob coiled around the shaded garden most cosmopolitan ever attended. Sign before runner, us were introduced there by Gary, an Egyptian met by magic and of which the famous family with it only universality of the place: He is of Armenian origin, She left its native Provence, they trained family in Cairo and the three children are, of course, quadrilingual. The minis small Julie Parisienne and Cairotes having found language common to amuse their days, it did not remain any more that to benefit from the charm of the places and the richness from its occupants. Because nobody missed with the casting: the young Swiss explorer made there for its first building site and which revises under the palm trees while waiting for the remainder of the team, the young Nantes ones of the school of Arwan, La Baleine blanche, which travel through the world to learn the life and which stopped here to make a report on the statute of the women in Egypt, the Slavic hostess which lights each one of its discrete benevolent smile, the German painter which works his paints between two literary teas and which exposes in the corridors, the Swiss psychoanalyst which translates of old parchments for its research tasks on the interpretation of the dreams, the old English with moustache

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which disappears each day for here to devote itself has Egyptology, and the scientists of yoga, the watercolour, of manual work, the gemmologists, the astrologers, the pearls’ threaders ... All this small world amalgamates per hour of the breakfast ( read from 9 to 14 hours) to offer a coloured table whose small Mohammed wasenjoy.

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Child of the neighbour farm , it comes each days between the school and the lessons from sculpture which his father gives him to spread out his display unit of babioles over the parapet of the garden. With compassion it contemplates our menagerie, practice its English with most talkative, makes share its life and its knowledge with most curious. Its presence still diffuses a supplement of heart to this already fantastic place. As happy end, read the movie subtitle from Natacha, the manager of the Hotel: We continue in tradition of sixties, when lot of Egyptian artists used to staying Marsam Hotel. Sheik Ali was colourful character and attracted lot of foreigner people who to enjoy his hospitality.

Carnet de route précédent. Carnet de route suivant.

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 Kolo sana anta taïb. Happy new year to you.
 Marsam Hotel / Sheik Ali Hotel
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