Je suis depuis une dizaine d’années ce couple de nomades autraliens...

Sunday 17 April 2011

Si proche de l’Australie, je me devais de faire honneur a cet ami de longue date... Bienvenue dans le monde des Grands!

Wothahellizat Mk 1 was Australia’s largest, weirdest and best-known off-road motorhome. We lived in it for six years and loved just about everything about it,

But times changed and so did our requirements for a motorhome.

Therefore in 2007 we decided to build a new smaller body on a shortened chassis, which we’ve called — rather unimaginatively — Wothahellizat Mk 2.

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Many people may not have thought about using a motorhome before. It is defintitely a life style choice but for us we can’t think why wouldn’t you want a vehicle that has living space and everything else you would find in a home. People may think we are crazy, but it’s no different to us buying or renovating a home, like other people we would get a home loan to help pay for it. For us it is just our house not a motorhome.

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Of course the major advantage is the ability for us to see the world. Although we understand the appeal of living in home with a white picket fence, secured with Mozo home loans, we have chosen this as our way of life, well for the moment anyway. Take a look at the latest changes we made to our motorhome, it looks pretty good I think?

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Parours a ce jour de Rob Gray, en Australie.

Go to the Wothahellizat : http://www.robgray.com/graynomad/index.php

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