Le Ngaben, part 2.

The ceremony is the last and most important of all Balinese life. Part 2

Monday 28 March 2011

Ngaben The ceremony is the last and most important of all Balinese life.

Ngaben, Crémation, Bali. part 2 by bucephale4x4

In Bali the dead are not buried, but burned. Cremation, Ngaben ,is customary for the majority Hindu population of the island of Bali. We will have the opportunity to attend a family member from our guest house (Yulia1 has Sanur) having died within a week. The soul of the deceased not rest until it does not issue this useless body, the quicker it will be burned and will be better for everyone.

The pendeta , as seen in the first part, are Hindu priests, only to decide the suitable date for the ceremony. This is long (it plays cards during preparation!) And complex for a foreigner who is invited any time, but reading mantras, chants, offerings make it a happy moment. The ash collected in a white cloth, shall be partially placed in a walnut shell and made the sea, dispersed with the offerings. All the objects and scenery used for the ceremony were destroyed and burned ...



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